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NEXTIN provides clients with consulting services mainly in telecommunication sector. Our consultants cover a wide spectrum of fixed and wireless products and technologies both in retail and wholesale areas. Our work crosses the entire fixed and wireless industry business worldwide – from infrastructures, fixed and wireless broadband, product portfolio management to identification of business opportunities in both retail and wholesale.

NEXTIN can help with your strategy in two ways: as a purely consultative and advisory partner, or as active „extra hands“ in the development of strategic plans (interim management).

Corporate Strategy

Companies in telecommunication industry are facing complex decisions in turbulent waters. We bring a rapid understanding of our clients‘ situations, layer-on the big picture, map out threats, and plot a course through the waves that are moving around them and occasionally pushing back.

Business Planning

We can help identify the key patterns, find out where your piece of the value-chain fits, and what moves will put you there.

Business Development

Making deals, alliances, and partnerships requires a thorough understanding of your company’s situation and the situation of your potential partners. We can help you to find the way how to increase your sales, improve distribution channels, RFP approval rates, and in some cases how to successfully build new businesses.

Our services are focused on:

  • Partnership & alliance development
  • Distribution & channel development
  • Contract negotiation & management
  • Fundraising (startup capital)

Product Strategy

Our consultants are experts in both wholesale and retail areas and had worked on dozens of products, always focusing on reducing features to those that are in demand, fitting the product in with the competition.

Partner Strategy

Smart partnering is essential to success in the market. Even more so in an era where we have clearly learned that the user experience doesn’t stop with the product. We can help you with distribution chains, development partners, content ecosystems, solution vendors, etc.

Competitive Analysis

It always pays to keep a close watch on the competition. We can help you to plan your moves around your competitors, to outpace them, to collect best-practices, and to get to the most fertile land first. Our consultants can apply a broad view of telecoms to your competitors; but also to you, and show how you appear as a competitor from an outside perspective.



Project Management

Our main differentiator from other consulting and project management companies is our unique position at the centre of the telecom and technology innovation ecosystem reflecting all main telecommunication business areas.

Find recent examples of our projects:

  • Market analysis and definition of business strategy for a major domestic telco operator
  • Definition of international roaming strategy reflecting the new regulatory frame in EU for a major telco operator
  • International travel SIM cards project for a travel agency
  • International data coverage – IoT solution
  • Specialized consultancy in restructuring projects
  • Security of telecommunication solutions



Global Mobile Data Roaming

NEXTIN develops global connectivity solutions for mobile broadband and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

NEXTIN solutions utilize physical SIM cards as well as virtual SIM card specifications such as GSMA eSIM, vSIM and others.

NEXTIN is a business partner of key market leaders witch guarantees service availability in more than 400 cellular networks in 120 countries.